American Legion Signals Compromise In Battle Over Veteran Disability Benefits

One of America’s longest running inside-the-beltway battles on domestic policy took a turn for the better last month with the American Legion showing leadership among Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) over who can help millions of veterans file disability claims

According to Military Times, Chanin Nuntavong, the Legion’s executive director broke ranks with his peer major VSOs, finally acknowledging that for-profit companies can join the benefits community to help alleviate hundreds of thousands of backlogged claims, provided they get accredited by the Veterans Administration (VA).

Over the past two decades there’s been a protracted fight over who can help veterans with claims. On one side stands major VSOs which help veterans for free, reaping compensation from donor dollars for their efforts. On the other are private consultants, often service-disabled veterans owned (SDVO) businesses which charge fees for profit. Both want to keep their respective lights on.